Dangerously Overloaded

It’s very easy to underestimate just how much waste a refit, demolition or clear-out can generate. If you’re hiring a skip in Dublin from Arrow Skip Hire, there are a number of factors you should take into account to ensure you order the right skip size for your job, this is something people often ignore, and then there becomes a very real chance you will overload your skip.

Today I will look at safety reasons why it is risky to overload a skip and will look at the rules generally employed by all Skip Companies operating a licensed service, and the steps you can take to avoid overloading for your skip hire period.

So how much is too much ?

Skips are certain dimensions and these vary depending on the skip you hired. A skip filled more than 6 inches above the rim or top is overloaded.

A good reason not to overload a skip is because it becomes unsafe to transport on public roads and puts other road users at risk. Imagine traveling behind a skip truck you look up and there are large unsecured items moving on the top of the bin like 4x2s cement blocks & rocks, large furniture, a bicycle, a fridge, a barrel or even a mattresses and they are only secured by a cover net. It only takes a bump in the road, or the diver having to make an emergency stop or sudden movement to dislodge these items and they could easily come tumbling off the back of the truck straight down in front of you.

Another reason not to overfill or overload is it saves you money, in some cases slightly overloaded skips (12 inches above the rim) can be secured by the driver, or some are actually filled very well by the customer as many take care to make sure this bulky waste is put in the skip safely and in some cases have actually secured any item that may dislodge by putting a strong sheet of wood or door at the side, or even tied to down it with a rope to avoid any movement. Skips that a skip truck operator deems not safe for collection could incur an extra charge for the time and cost of a driver going to collect it but usually the customer will have to purchase another skip to take away the excess. So its important to have a good estimate of exactly how much waste you have.

Certain Skips are only for certain waste types and if the skip is too heavy the truck will not be able to lift it ,and if its too heavy to lift, well then that overloaded skip is definitely too heavy to transport safely. A skip that’s too heavy would also make collection extremely dangerous – or mostly impossible. Heavy skips can damage the truck, the lifting mechanisms or the operatives themselves during transportation.

This is NOT acceptable.

Health & Safety are paramount when transporting goods or waste and the customer should always give this consideration..

However its very easy to be tempted to overfill a skip especially if you’re almost finished your job and realise that your skip is too small. You think “What’s the worst that could happen?” Well, put plainly, overloading a skip is unsafe and dangerous. It is also irresponsible. There are a few issues that arise when you exceed a skip’s fill level.

You are presenting a threat to the general public….. waste & rubbish which is not secured properly and safely or extends over the skip walls, hanging out, dinging and dangling or sticking out of the skip in any way, will present a health and safety hazard to the public. Again, during lifting and transportation, unsecured waste extending outwards from the skip could fall or shift, harming other drivers or pedestrians. Your local skip truck operator will likely refuse to take away an overloaded overfilled skip, and you could be charged for the experience.

How to avoid overloading a skip

Make sure the skip is completely empty. don’t just throw the items in willy nilly because with just a small bit of planning and attention to details, it’s actually quite easy to avoid overloading and overfilling your skip. The biggest mistake people make is they don’t hire the right skip size for their DIY project or clear-out clearance or garden makeover.

List on a note pad some of the waste items or put them beside the skip, make sure you have chosen the correct size, if you need to you could discuss this with your chosen skip provider, many will have a frequently asked questions on their website. This will give you an idea as to the skip size your going to need for your garden job, construction or clearance, Don’t under estimate the size of the job at hand and go choosing a skip that’s far too small or even far too big neither is good for the pocket.

Another way to avoid overfilling and overloading your skip is by filling it strategically and cleverly. Here are a few pointers for making more space in your skip, for the best fill ensuring the most room possible.

Break up items and decrease their bulk & size, If you can dismantle and take stuff apart, “do it”. Furniture and fittings (example wardrobes, kitchen cabinets, couches, tables) can always be broken down into much smaller chunks, and these chunks will fill the empty spaces between bulkier waste and you get to stuff the spaces left between.

Start with the light stuff…. Put lightweight objects neatly into the bottom of the skip” cardboard, thin pieces of wood, small cabinet doors and other waste and stuff.

Then the larger objects…. Put larger waste “like doors or wood sheets either laid down flat on top of your lighter waste, or along the sides of the skip. Ensure they do not protrude to high above above the skip walls, though. think safety and be aware of over loading, keep filling any gaps with any items that fit into those spaces.

Bigger heavier bulky stuff…. use heavier bulky items to crush the lighter, weaker items and this creates more space inside the skip. You should repeat this process as your skip fills, by building layers of waste to compress the lighter waste, you are compacting the skip.

Then, when you have successfully filled your skip call your local skip company to come and collect your skip and your done and dusted.

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